November 26, 2020

Malla’s speaking demo

Watch Haneefah share the first 5 steps to business start up

Ready By Design founder Haneefah, details five steps for all would-be entrepreneurs to take action to get their business started.

I was blown away by Haneefah’s insight on how to start a business!  A former Black Enterprise Teenprener, she is now running her own successful fashion design company and offering mentoring programs to youth who are interested in her industry.



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The Power of the Thank you Note

Don’t disregard the power of a thank you note! It can make the difference for you being taken seriously as a youth entrepreneur

Running your small business and finding balance

Don’t forget to regularly take time out to recharge!  Just because you are a youth entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have boundless energy!!!  It’s important to destress and find moments of peace