November 26, 2020


What does New Designs for Life, Inc offer?

We are a consulting firm with a focus on developing the entrepreneurial mindset in high potential leaders.

We offer the following services:

  • design and develop customized programs;
  • create curriculum and needs assessments;
  • deliver trainings and workshops with an emphasis on serving women and people of color.

In addition, we provide 1:1 and group coaching for companies who want to increase their hiring and retention within underrepresented groups.

Why should you book our founder, Malla Haridat, to speak?  

Invite Malla Haridat, a New York Times, Black Enterprise and Inc featured speaker and business coach to speak at your next event.

She is a powerhouse who transforms her audiences.  Using experiential activities and simulations, her attendees leave empowered, inspired, and with tools that will change their lives positively.

She has delivered over 100+ presentation to audiences as small as 10 and as large as 800.  She has worked with a wide variety of audiences including corporate events, nonprofits, associations, educational organizations, universities, and diversity affinity groups.

She is committed to delivering events that meet the goals of the organizer and attendee.  Her team will spend time with your team to understand your goals and ensure that they are achieved during the presentation.    

What are some of Malla’s most requested topics?  

The topics below can be delivered as a breakout session, workshop, webinar or series of classes. Additional topics around entrepreneurship and career development can be developed at your request.

The Business of Me

“I wish I knew….” When reflecting on their academic and professional careers, even the most accomplished individuals can cite at least one thing that they wish they had known early on—instead of having to learn it the hard way. While experience is often still the best teacher, for some the stakes are higher. 

The Business of Me teaches participants  how to think critically, understand the unwritten rules of business, learn best practices for success, and finesse the nuance of soft skills. The workshop teaches these skills via fun, (deceptively) simple, interactive exercises that help participants to define their individual brand and map their own blueprint for success—and operate confidently in all areas of life on their own terms.

Participants attending “The Business of Me” will:

  • Become more confident and comfortable handling competitive situations
  • Learn how to advocate, monetarily, for what their talent is worth—as employees or entrepreneurs
  • Understand how to introduce themselves in a memorable way to adults and professionals who can support them in moving their long-term goals forward
  • Help them to cultivate the skills that will help them to stand out in an interview, and emerge as the best candidate

You Inc

A new report from PayScale, in partnership with Future Workplace, an executive development firm, reveals the gap between hiring managers and recent college grads.  87% of recent graduates feel well prepared after earning their diplomas to enter the workforce. But, only half of hiring managers agree with them.

So how do we reverse this gap in expectations?

The skills that many are missing  –  communication, leadership, ownership, and teamwork – are rooted in the value of an entrepreneurial mindset.  The You Inc experience can bridge the gap and provide additional foundations that would serve participants for life.

The workshop teaches these skills via fun, (deceptively) simple, interactive exercises that help participants to define their individual brand and map their own blueprint for success—and operate confidently in all areas of life on their own terms.  Participants gain first hand experience using the unwritten rules of business, learning the best practices for success and finessing their soft skills.  

Participants attending “You Inc” will  learn how to :

  • Recognize opportunity and be confident about taking initiative
  • Understand the complexity of making leadership decisions and solving difficult problems
  • Better manage personal and business finances thereby supporting your overall company operations
  • Remain resilient in the faces of challenges

Customized programs can be developed to meet your group’s goals.  If you desire to cover additional topics,  please speak about your goals and Malla will develop content that delights audiences and sponsors alike.

The Speaking Fee Includes:

  • An initial phone consultation to discuss your event goals
  • Planning time including 2 pre-event calls and a wrap up call with meeting organizers
  • Engaging content designed to meet your specific event goals
  • Handouts or worksheets (if applicable)
  • An interactive Powerpoint presentation (if applicable)
  • Delivery
  • Social Media engagement (in conjunction with your organization)

An additional materials fee will be added for programs over 25 students.  A 10% discount is offered to nonprofits and educational organizations.

To book Malla, please send a request with the organization contact name, date and phone number to .  You will receive a response within 48 business hours including a meeting scheduling link to discuss your goals and budget.

Payment Policy:

A deposit of 50% of the speaking fee holds the date for the engagement.  Your event will not be confirmed until the deposit has been paid in full.  The deposit payment may be made via check or credit card. The balance is due on the day of the event.