October 25, 2020

The Business of Me Experience

“I wish I knew….” When reflecting on their academic and professional careers, even the most accomplished individuals can cite at least one thing that they wish they had known early on—instead of having to learn it the hard way. While experience is often still the best teacher, for some the stakes are higher. For young women—and in particular students who are of color, immigrants or first-generation Americans, many of whom may be the first in their family to “break through” to new opportunities and heights—not knowing can sometimes be the difference between success and derailment….

The Business of Me helps to teach young people of all backgrounds how to think critically, understand the unwritten rules of business, learn best practices for success, and finesse the nuance of soft skills. The workshop teaches these skills via fun, (deceptively) simple, interactive exercises that help participants to define their individual brand and map their own blueprint for success—and operate confidently in all areas of life on their own terms.

Students attending “The Business of Me” will:

•         Become more confident and comfortable handling competitive situations

•         Learn how to advocate, monetarily, for what their talent is worth—as employees or entrepreneurs

•         Understand how to introduce themselves in a memorable way to adults and professionals who can support them in moving their long-term goals forward

•         Help them to cultivate the skills that will help them to stand out in an interview, and emerge as the best candidate


Activities Include:

The Ice Tea Game: 

Why should someone select you over your peers when you are applying to a competitive program?  With such stellar competition, how can you shine in an authentic and memorable way?

What will students learn? Insights into how decisions are made for highly select opportunities, so that students can present their strengths and unique gifts.

The Networking Game: 

Why does networking matter?  Do you know how to introduce yourself in a way that feels comfortable and authentic, and will allow you to build relationships?

What will students learn? How to walk into a room, and to introduce themselves in a comfortable manner to trusted adults, and how to build lasting relationships that can support their long-term career and personal goals.

Tell Me About Yourself:

Do you really know how to answer some of the toughest interview questions ever?  Learn sophisticated techniques for answering in a manner that lets interviewers know that you’re exactly the type of applicant that they are looking for!

What will students learn? How to stand out in interview settings and competitive environments by presenting their brand and strengths in a concise and authentic manner.

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